Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back at the CC

My summer, as you can probably surmise, was uneventful, but certainly full of love, surprises, excitement, and friends. I don't think that I could have possibly had a better summer considering the circumstances, and I got to meet, and get closer to some really great people. I've even come to love my city even more than I did before, which is certainly saying something.
I have to say the single best part of my summer were the places that I got to see, the little hidden gems that would have totally evaded my radar had I not done my internship. I learned a lot about myself and the people around me and I can easily say that the people in Cleveland have proven once again that we are a city of love, even if we aren’t glamorous or fancy, or particularly exceptional in other people’s eyes.
The friends that I’ve made, and the ones I reevaluated and came to love more were also a great part of the summer. Just thinking about all of the amazing moments that I had makes my insides feel warm and fuzzy. One of the best nights was drinks and hookah with my girlfriends. It was the same group of us that it had been in high school, minus one, and for that moment, we all came back together and it felt right. Even though in many ways we’ve grown apart, it's still nice to know that we can get together, reminisce about old times, and talk about our lives now. I guess the idea that we still value each other enough to make room and time in our lives for each  other is really nice.
So, now I’m back at CC, and I feel like I’m in a totally different world. Seeing friends and acquaintances alike has been great and I had more than one moment when I was just totally overwhelmed by all the people that were happy I was back. It’s always nice to be missed, even if it is kind of selfish. There are the familiar sights, smells, happenings going on and it’s pretty comforting, but it’s also pretty exciting because there are still so many new things. There are renovations that I’m just now discovering, new things in people’s lives, my new apartment and my roommates. It’s all enough to make these first few weeks of being back pretty novel.
In my opinion, I’ve got a great year ahead of me. It’s going to be exceptionally challenging, and filled with so much more responsibility, but I think I’m ready. I want to be challenged and excited about the things that I’m doing. So here’s to being back at school, to summer slipping away with all it’s amazing memories, and to what is to happen in the future: getting older, wiser, making mistakes, and being forced to admit when you’re wrong and need help. Here’s to taking chances.
A dopo!