Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I’m back!

First things first TWITTER and INSTAGRAM -  @omgwth92 and shay_g92 respectively. Add me? Far better way to keep updated than my blog.

I know have been absent for a while, adjusting to home life and figuring my summer activities out in addition to sharpening my huswiffery (housewife) skills.

This past week has been a pretty good one, got some major loot @ Nordstrom Rack at Legacy (Free People maxi-dress, Caslon cashmere blend cardi, and a draped Halogen top all for under $80). I got a position as an intern at a community development organization that I’ve wanted to work at for a while, and I also have another position in the works as well as a job. This girl’s on a roll!

Last night, to celebrate, I cooked Orange Chicken and Fried Rice from scratch which was fun as well as time consuming since each this took a ton of ingredients. Good think I made the sauce ahead of time.

I need to clean because my culinary explorations have left half of the kitchen in disarray and I really have just been to lazy to wash all the dishes and actually put them away. Hopefully when I start working I will have less of an urge to nosh.

Things with my mother have been iffy, although I adore her and we have fun together, I have been in the house/with her far too much and we have been budding heads a lot. I think she still sees me as a moody teenager and will not accept the fact that I’m 20, and I’m not going to agree with everything she says or do what ever she wants me to. Oh well, I’ll be out the house soon enough, and hopefully I’ll find a social life too. When Monday nights and Friday nights are one in the same, things are really sad on the social front.

This past Sunday, my mother, grandmother, little cousin, aunt, great aunt, and 2nd cousin went to Wasabi to celebrate my little cousin’s 17th birthday. Needless to say, I was feeling hella old while realizing that in just a year he will be graduating from high school. How weird is that? Hopefully he will get his act together and do something with himself other than watch anime and play video games.

Well, I’ll leave you with that since life as of late has not been exceptionally exciting. They will be soon though…

A Dopo :)

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