Thursday, February 2, 2012


This weekend I failed miserably at my goal to go to the outlets and to check out other markets, I did however succeed at equally, if not more awesome things so I’ll still give myself a pat on the back.
On Sabato we went to Pranzano in the Chianti region to try out Mac Dario’s the restaurant of the famous “Poet Butcher”. Can I just say it was the best burger I have had in my entire life, it was a medium rare patty of the best beef I’ve probably ever eaten and the people and atmosphere were amazing as well. All the tables are family style so you sit with other customers and it bright and really welcoming. After our delicious lunch we split up and I went with Katie to an Enoteca to try out some wine. I got a classic chianti that was made in Pranzano and it was DELICIOUS. I bought a bottle for dinner that night and my host family also gave it their stamp of approval. For the win!

The next day I went to Brunch at a restaurant called The Diner with Callie, Anna, and Hattie. It was amazing. I got 3 eggs over medium, bacon, hash browns, and GASP—wheat toast! We also were able to get a pitcher of tap water with ice, which is a huge deal in Florence. It was probably one of the best brunches I’ve had in a while, and I will definitely be going back ASAP. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a 10% student discount.
So now it is finally Feb. The new kids are here, and we have started our normal classes. I’m in The Medici as Patron of The Arts and the Sight-Size Drawing class. I’m actually quite surprised at how into the drawing class I am. I’ve never been particularly inclined towards drawing, I’m more of a collage/scrapbooking kind of girl, but it’s pretty relaxing and a brain work out all at the same time. I really like the Sight-Size method because it makes a lot more sense to me than just drawing free hand. Anyone who likes to draw or wants to learn how should definitely look into this method as a starting block, apparently it’s really good at “training your eye”, at this point I think mine still have a ways to go. Here’s my progress so far… I’m clearly no artist.
Last night I had my cooking class with my host mom, we made Sciacciata all’Olio, which is focaccia, we made one with olives and another one, stuffed with prosciutto cotto, radicchio, pistachios, and smoked provolone. They were absolutely amazing.
The Next course was Pasta e Ceci, which is a soup made from chick peas with tomato, rosemary, and pastine. Needless to say it was also amazing although it kinda just looks like paste. I swear its delicious :)IMG130
Our next course was Melanzane alla parmagiana (eggplant parm) with Petto di pollo al limone, thin cutlets of chicken, browned and then covered in a yummy lemon sauce. We were too excited for this and in our bliss I forgot to take a picture of it. Our dolce for the night was a Salame dolce, which is a roll made out of cookies and chocolate that is tightly packed and frozen. You finish it with powdered sugar and it looks like a salame, when you cut it its kind of unreal.
Of course, I always jump the gun to food, so I should probably mention that for class we went to Santa Croce, which is a beautiful church to say the least. Here are some pictures from the church, they are kind of random since I was talking pictures of a lot of crests. New jewelry ideas perhaps…
Today we are going to the Baptistry and the Opera del Duomo, I’m pretty excited although it will be freezing since it decided ot SNOW in Florence. Hopefully the terrible weather will subside for ROME this weekend, but it probably won’t. Tonight I have another drawing class at Cecil, and I’m pretty excited, hopefully I will make some major progress. Til we meet again! A dopo…

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