Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last week of Gennaio

Since our Italian final is tomorrow I am tired from cramming, reviewing, studying, etc… so on and so forth. I do not have the will or the time, or, to be honest, the mental capacity to write something witty and thought out. Then again I’m not particularly witty when I am at full capacity. Anywho… 
Here’s a breakdown of Monday and the subsequent days of this week:

- Class
- Walked to Cecil studios with Prof. Mariotti, amazing art and history of the building completely intimidating.
- Afterwards went to theater to get tickets to Swan Lake, but it was closed by the time I got there sadface
- Went shopping, blazer, and tanks @ Zara and H&M. I’m starting to get the bug again. Looking shopper anonymous groups as I type…
- Went home as it was getting dark, when I got there my host mom was doing one of her cooking classes. It smelled glorious, but we had dinner in the living room
- CHEESE and more CHEESE for dinner…
- homework and such after.
- Went Al Duomo in Firenze e alla Santa Raparata (the remains of the old church underneath the Duomo di Firenze) with prof. Solberg. This was the first outing with her and it was very interesting. She certainly knows her stuff…
- Went back to Linguaviva for my meeting with Jodie.
- Crazy personal things going on at home, thank goodness I talked ot my parents and everything was bueno.
- I went home and slept/did homework and then had dinner.
- Went to a bar called Il Fauno with my roomie and host brother, it was a great place and certainly a great bonding activity. Unfortunately we didn’t get back until almost 1 in the morning.
- Palazzo Pitti with prof. Mariotti after class, the rooms and paintings were beautiful as were the grounds. Only one Caravaggio in the whole place and it was gone… of course I was crushed.
- After Palazzo Pitti I walked home with Callie and on the way Lungarno (along the river) I found this cute little vintage store with amazing vintage designer everything: bags, shoes, clothes, jewelry. And the woman had tons of Chanel jewelry for not very much, certainly I will be back.
- we got back with enough time to take a nap before our cooking class with our host mother, it was great. We made nechi (italian style crepes made with chestnut flour), pappa pomodoro (a soup made with tomato and left over bread), a frittata with leeks and potatoes, and a torta di marmalata. It was all amazing and we met some other students who were in the area as well.
- Sleep. Over course it was a HUGE meal.
Today was a pretty calm day, after class we went to the Battisteria in front of the Duomo, its amazing the ceiling is covered in an amazing mosaic of bible stories and the last judgment. It is gold and glitters in the light, pictures certainly don’t do it justice. The marble inlays are amazing as well and the doors are probably some of the coolest things I’ve seen in Florence. Afterwards I came home since I’m pretty tired and I had to study. This weekend should be a fun one its the first weekend we don’t have a trip, I’m hoping to go to the outlets or at least hit up some of the market further down the river. Updates on that later. Now for pictures:
I’ve been pretty bad with posting pictures, although they aren’t great quality (they are from my phone) they give you a taste of what I see everyday :)

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