Saturday, August 24, 2013

Early in the morn…

Since my brain apparently hasn’t adjusted to MST I have been waking up at ungodly hours and can’t go back to sleep. When I was at home waking up @ 10AM was not bad, it was sleeping in for me. But due to the time change, 10AM is now 8AM, and of course this isn’t the first time I wake up during the night.

I haven’t gone out at all since I’ve been back, and I think the combo of all the beer I’ve been drinking and the stuff I’ve been doing around the house has pooped me out. I have been so tired and I I just end up staying in bed when I get home.

Yesterday I went to The Arc and it was pretty nice. Got some cool frames, an antique bedside table, a real marble cheese board, and a really cute kind of ornate porcelain dish for jewelry. Then I got some supplies from the Ace Hardware for stripping the paint. I’m really excited for the project, and excited for the final product. After that I took a nap, and then I had some wine and talked with Doron, and then had dinner with Nico and her dad.

Today the freshman come and as weird as it is I’m excited that there will be some new faces around, albeit they will be very young faces.

Hopefully I will get a good amount done today and I might be having lunch with Nico and her dad today. I’m looking forward to enjoying the weather.

A dopo!

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