Monday, August 19, 2013

Back from the dead.

Seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, one season of Orange is the New Black, and an internship later I am finishing out my summer with a pretty good feeling. Í have been writing, but unfortunately my writings haven’t been making it here so I will be posting them periodically as they aren’t particularly time sensitive.

It’s a little strange though because there are only a few days left until I am back in the Springs, and though I’m excited for the start of a new year, I am also kind of sad that I’m leaving home. It’ll be the last time I’ll be here for a while, and when I do come back it will be just for a visit before the big move (!!!). I’ve had some amazing nights with my best friends, in Chautauqua, in bars, on rooftops and in VIP sections. There have been some very cute (and not so cute) boys this summer, some Stage 5 Clingers, and some interesting moments with guy friends. I’ve had dates and hook ups and made mistakes, but there is still more that I wish I could do.

I have a few days to enjoy being home and I’m squeezing a lot of living into this time. Between dates, spending time with family, packing, friends from out of town, and fitting in some last hurrah’s with my best girl friends I am going to be stretching out these last few days as much as I can.

There will be much more to come about school, post-grad, and some new developments in my “life plan” and definitely more about my impending move to New York—which might result in a change of blog name who knows.

But for now,

A dopo!

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