Friday, September 20, 2013

Productive Procrastination

Right now, there is very little that I could be doing that would make me more miserable than attempting to be productive with a migraine and a growling stomach. Of course, this migraine and general disdain for life that I am experiencing right now is thanks to hangover that I could have avoided. Life choices. Last night, I am unhappy to say, was not worth the intense dissatisfaction with life I am currently feeling. Clearly I failed to properly conduct a cost benefit analysis when I thought playing 21 cup, doing shots, and drinking a tall boy of cheap beer was a good idea for a Wednesday night. Especially when I was already feeling shitty and extremely tired. It also doesn’t help that I’m quite out of practice with hangovers… I woke up this morning and felt like I was sick. And then I realized, oh wait I did this to my self. Great. So, at this moment, I am sitting at a computer in the Keck Lab pretending to be productive. I neglected to realize that my partner had our hard drive with all our work on it, and since he is otherwise preoccupied I am left with little to productively do. I could be writing our script, but as I am wholly and unequivocally uninspired to write anything that I’m supposed to be writing, I am not doing that. So much for getting shit done. Maybe I’ll do better next time? Probably not.

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