Monday, September 30, 2013

Today’s letter is…

J for Joke.

As in, my life is a joke. And in true life-is-a-joke fashion my day has been unraveling quite terribly, if I do say so myself.

I woke up this morning feeling like a dry sponge, but then remembered ‘Oh yeah, today is the day that I start my really awesome writing class with Hampton Sides! How cool is that?’

So I get up, realize that I’ve woken up late and scramble to get out of the house so that I’ll be on time for my class. Of course, I arrive at my classroom at precisely 9:02AM with all of my books, ready to apologize my ass off and soak in the awesomeness that is Hampton Sides. And then I realize the door is locked.

Literally panic starts coursing through my body. The director of creative writing comes out escorting the people who were on the waiting list out of the class and informs me that because I was not in the classroom at 9AM I cannot be in the class. I could not believe that he was saying what I thought he was. The class that I had been looking forward to taking for 5 months was now being ripped out of my hands by a little hobbit looking asshole who could careless that I couldn’t find the classroom. My question, “How was I supposed to know about this policy if no one told me?” His response: *shoulder shrug* I wanted to rip his smug little face off.

Adding insult to injury it’s 2nd block, which is notorious for not having very many classes. All of the classes are either 100-level classes for freshman, or 400-level classes for seniors finishing up their majors. Not only am I missing out on my dream class, I am also scrambling to find a class that I can actually take, or I’m hanging out doing nothing for a block. Fucking terrible.

On top of all this, I still haven’t received my money from financial aid. This would be fine if it weren’t the fucking 30th and if all my bills weren’t fucking due today and I HAVE NO FUCKING MONEY. Awesome.

Then I receive an email saying that my 5th block class has been cancelled. The other class that I was really looking forward to taking. Score.

Monday called and said: Fuck you.

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