Monday, May 20, 2013

Now that that’s over… (March 24, 2013)

I’m currently sitting on a plane on my way back to the Springs and I’m feeling a little torn.

On one hand I’m going back to 20 degree whether and snow after getting sunburnt for 3 days and laying out on the beach in practically nothing. I had been yearning for some warmth and I got it. Unfortunately not for too long. But, on the other hand I am going to be back with all my other friends and living it up for the next too blocks, which hopefully will not stay cold for too long.

My next class will be great, a high level music history course with an amazing professor who knows what he’s talking about and with other students who study music. It will be my first of the kind and I’m a little afraid I might be in over my head, but hopefully I retained something from that black of theory freshman year.

Daytona was amazing and I really got to relax. We were staying in a condo right on the beach so everyday was pools and the beach and generally just having a great time and feeling good. Towards the end I could tell that I was getting a little annoyed with some things, but for the most part the trip was really great and I enjoyed spending time with Erin and Grace. We ate enough seafood to fill an aquarium and spent enough time on the beach for an entire summer, I’ve never been this burnt in my life.

At this point we are almost home and since my attempt at reading during this flight turned into a 45 minute nap I figured I’d write a little.

A dopo!

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