Sunday, January 15, 2012

An exciting weekend!

Friday was a big day of nothing, I went to the market for lunch with my friend Christina and my roomie Callie. I ended up getting clementini, pane (bread), formaggio (cheese), ciaccolate and frugole (strawberries). It was great, and then I went home and chilled for basically the entire day. For dinner we had beef with anchovies, carrots, salad, bread, wine, and pasta pomodoro. The beef was a little salty for my taste, but it was really interesting to say the least.

I ended up staying in for the night because my roomie wasn’t feeling well and I was a bit tired and we had to get up @ like 6AM to be at the Santa Maria Novella station.

Yesterday, we had a mandatory field trip to Siena. We went to the Duomo in Siena, the museum, and the palace at the Piazza del Campo. It was amazing and there were so many things that I just couldn’t believe were real. The cathedral was one of the most immaculate ornate places that I’ve ever seen. It was insane that half of the things we saw were created my masters like Michelangelo.

My roommate and I grabbed lunch at this cute little restaurant on the piazza. We sat outside because it was outrageously sunny and warm and I got a pizza that was so delicious. Then we went to the Palace and after we left we got these amazing Siennese almond cookies.

We headed home on the train after that (at about 5PM) and when we got home we crashed.

For dinner we had pasta with tomato and pepperoncino sauce, then a salad with potatoes and a frittata. It was delicious and then we had different Siennese cookie and fruit for desert.

Afterwards we chilled and then went out to the Irish Pub for some cider, and then left for Space discoteque at around 11. It was great time and I was so glad that we went. The girls that I went with were a blast! We got home at 2:30AM which was much later than anticipated, and on the way home met a Norwegian and a random guy who lives in Venice, but is from Montana. Interesting night to say the least.

This morning we got up and ate breakfast and then headed out to the countryside to go to our host family’s country house. It was beautiful, there were fruit trees and olive trees every where and you could see mountains covered in olive trees in the distance. The view was unbelievable.

For lunch/dinner we had antipasti (cured ham, cheeses, bread, and crostini with liver) and some focaccia with olive oil salt and rosemary. And then the pizzas began!

We had like 5 or 6 different kinds of pizza, margherita pizza, one with fennel, onion, tomato sauce, sausage, and mozzarella. Another with pancetta and garlic, a bianco pizza, just so many types and they were all fresh from the pizza oven. After we had cecina, which is a dish made with chickpea flower, and then we had cheese, fruit, and dolce for desert. I was literally in a food coma, I had to take a nap to digest all the food. But actually.

Now, I’m sitting in my room procrastinating on my homework.

A Domani :)

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