Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Past 2 Days

So, as I mentioned before there were some people that I met from NY that were in Florence for the weekend. They are studying for Winter Term in Venice and took a little gander Firenze to check out the sights and such. Of course, being me, I ended up being adopted into the group some how, and now I can honestly say I made some friends in Florence.

The first night they came by my room at about 5 and told me everyone was meeting up at 7 to go to dinner and then to go out. I took an epic power nap and then got ready and bolted down stairs (because I hadn’t eaten a real meal in 2 days) to find a group of 20.

Little did I know that almost half of their program came down to Florence for the weekend. I knew then that it was gonna be a fun time.

We walked a little ways and found a little hole in the wall family restaurant that had a special menu. One thing you’ll learn about Florence, and Italy in general, is that a lot of restaurants have a special menus that are set price 3 course meals sometimes with wine and water included in the price. Some are a list of antipasti, primo, and secondi piatti (appetizer, first course, usually pasta, and second course which is usually some meat and a veggie) with a choice of the house wine (red/white) and mineral water (you pay for H20). Usually there is bread and depending on the restaurant the serving sizes are more than sufficient. Other restaurants have specials depending on the day, or they have multiple special menus that usually go up in price depending on the items offered or the number of courses.

IMG002 - Copy

At this restaurant I got the Palledeccio Special Menu, which was an antipasti of chicken pate, prosciutto, hard salami, and fennel salami, with bread. It was SO good, I usually don’t like liver but it was like god on a piece of bread. No lie.

IMG001 - Copy

The next course was Pasta Pomodoro, or pasta with tomato and basil. It was delicious, I’ve never had pasta cooked so perfectly in my life.

My next course was Porchetta with roasted potatoes. It was divine, pork roast wrapped in pork belly with perfectly roasted potatoes with rosemary and olive oil. Wine and water was included in the price and it came out to 20 euro flat, which is roughly 25 USD.

One thing that’s amazing about the restaurants as well, is that they all have seemingly TINY stores fronts but the doors are like the gateway to Narnia, it’s absurd how huge some of these restaurants are compared to their tiny entrances.

In the interest of time and attention span, I’ll make a part two, SO much more to tell. And it was only 2 days :)

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