Sunday, January 22, 2012

M.I.A., definitely dropping the ball

Since I haven’t blogged much this week, I’ll give you the rundown of the happenings.
Wednesday was not a particularly exciting day, although we did go to the Museo dell’Archeologia which was pretty cool. There were a lot of Etruscan artifacts from forever ago, and some amazing sculpture. IT was definitely a worth it visit and I would recommend it to everyone!
After the museum we hit up a couple stores and Christina got a pair of REALLY cute boots. After that I made my way home and had a pretty early night because Thursday would be a long day.

On Thursday, for the second half of class, our Italian professors Luigi and Umberto took us to the market. Since I wasn’t particularly hungry and had no cash I ended up at a leather store with Anna, Carrie, and Katie, three of the girls in my program. We saw some amazing leather bags that just made me want to buy everything there. Anna and I decided to buy bags but neither of us had enough cash so we decided to go after class. We booked it back to school and then went to the ATM and then back to the school to purchase our bags, our beautiful beautiful bags.
We headed off to the Strozzi to go to the Bankers, Beauty and Botticelli exhibit which was absolutely amazing. There were so many awesome paintings and artifact that I could even believe half of the stuff that I was seeing.
After, Christina and I decided to go shopping, we hit up H&M and Zara which was a lot of fun and I got a skirt for my birthday weekend, and a shirt that was just too cute to pass up. I booked it home after that because I didn’t want to get home too late since there was dinner and we were going to the B-Team Juventas and Florence game.
That night was pretty fun, the game wasn’t very good but then after we went to dinner together (basically everyone in the program) and it was a great time. Long walk home though.
The next day (Friday) we didn’t have anything that we had to do so I went shopping and got a scarf and then went home and took a nap. Later that night we went to Lochness Lounge and Lion’s Fountain which were both great and met some really cool guys. We headed home early since Saturday was my birthday and we didn’t want to be pooped for Pisa.
Saturday (My birthday!) was awesome; we had to get up early to go to Pisa. When we got there we went to a café and then after we went to the Piazza di Miricoli where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is as well as the Duomo and the Baptistery which are all gorgeous. It was perfect day the sky was clear and blue and it was warm and sunny, pretty perfect. The cathedral is gorgeous and the baptistery has perfect acoustics, the reverb was out of control all I could think about was what it would be like to sing in there. You could do some pretty intricate things with harmonies.
After that I grabbed a panino (prosciutto, parmagiano, olive oil, and ginger) from this place called Gusto Giusto which was delicious and then we got on a train for Lucca. After a couple hours there I headed back home and took a nap.
For dinner we had a pasta casserole with duck sauce and a creamy cheese sauce, it was delicious. The next course was insalata with roasted turkey and then my host mom baked me a cake for my birthday. It was really nice, and really delicious.
After a big meal I watched Glee and digested and then got ready to go out with the whole group. We headed to the Red Garter, a bar in the Santa Croce area. IT was a lot of fun we stayed there for a while and then afterwards we ended up just going to Space to meet up with the guys we’d met the night before. It was a lot of fun we danced until 4 in the morning! Needless to say it was great birthday and I can’t wait for next weekend.
Today I’m just taking it easy and catching up on sleep/running errands. Hopefully I’ll be refreshed and ready for tomorrow, the last week of intensive Italian class (yikes!).
A Domani!

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