Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Only one more day, strange.

I’m leaving Thursday at 9 in the AM for Florence. It still hasn’t sunk in, and it making me kind of nervous because there are things on my trip I’m sure I have yet to anticipate. I’m travelling alone, which isn’t particularly strange to me, but once I get to Florence, I’ll be completely alone. That’s the strange part.

I’m staying in a hostel, Ostella Archi Rossi, which isn’t far from Hotel Duca D’Aosta, so I’m not too worried about logistics, but I am worried that I won’t meet any people at my hostel, it could be a very boring 2 days until other people from the program arrive. I have a ton of places that I’d like to go, but they wouldn’t be particularly fun alone. So fingers crossed for exceptionally friendly hostel mates!

There are a lot of things that completely slipped my mind in preparing for my trip. Converters and and adapters, figuring out what to do for ridiculously long layovers, communication with my parents when I get to Europe… etc.

I’m excited to leave, but mainly because it means there is less for me to worry about, pre-departure preparations are probably the most stressful things ever. Soon it will be over, and I’ll be in Italy and I won’t have so much time to think about all the things that might go wrong. But until then, I’m a complete stress case…

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